Alpha Omega Mathematica

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    Generate new investment or trading ideas quickly by identifying statistical outliers in the market.  Scores are updated constantly with the latest data available.

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    Evaluate your choices by comparing a company’s data versus the averages for the entire market, their sector, and their industry in a single view.

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    Monitor stocks over time as market conditions evolve.  Stay on top of whole market movements without having to crunch the numbers yourself.

What is AOM?

Alpha Omega Mathematica is a quantitative scoring model made up of 15 sub-models, which seeks to analyze behavior of a variety of market participants.

It is intended as a tool to understand the behavior of different market participants using quantitative techniques, and then bring that data together so that users can hear the voice of the market through the noise.

The 15 sub-models score stocks based on 38 key indicators, weighted in a manner suitable for value, growth, momentum, balanced, and stock selection style agnostic investors, versus the market capitalization weighted key indicators for market at large, the sector and the industry.